Hey there travel enthusiasts and welcome to my post where we will check out the 14 best restaurants in Bali for some great culinary delights this year. Are you planning a trip to Bali and want to indulge in some of the best food the island has to offer? Look no further. Bali is home to a vibrant food scene, with a diverse range of cuisines on offer. From traditional Balinese dishes to international cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

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With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to eat. So to help you out, I have listed some good options below. This is not to say that there aren’t others there just as good, but here is a good starting point just the same.

  1. Locavore – Ubud
  2. Bridges Bali – Ubud
  3. Merah Putih – Seminyak
  4. Metis – Seminyak
  5. Mason – Canggu
  6. The Slow – Canggu
  7. Pirates Bay Bali – Nusa Dua
  1. Bumbu Bali – Nusa Dua
  2. Cuca – Jimbaran
  3. Balique – Jimbaran
  4. Hard Rock Cafe – Kuta
  5. Ma Joly – Kuta
  6. Warung Little Bird – Sanur
  7. Soul in a Bowl – Sanur

Best Restaurants in Bali

Ok, so if you are looking for the best restaurant in Bali, here are some options you must visit during your trip to Bali.

1. Locavore – Ubud

Locavore is a must-visit restaurant in Ubud if you’re looking for modern European-Indonesian cuisine made from hyper-local produce. The restaurant is famous for its excellent food which includes dishes like foie gras parfait, beef tartare and smoked eggplant.

You can also try their famous “Locavore’s Kitchen” tasting menu, which features 15-20 courses of the restaurant’s signature dishes. The restaurant’s interior is beautifully designed with a modern minimalist style that creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Bridges Bali – Ubud

Bridges Bali is another excellent restaurant in Ubud that you must visit. The restaurant is famous for its French-inspired cuisine where you can enjoy dishes like pan-seared foie gras, lobster bisque and roasted duck breast while taking in the breathtaking views of the Wos river.

The restaurant also has an extensive wine list, featuring some of the best wines from around the world. The interior of the restaurant is elegant and sophisticated with a modern twist that creates a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

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3. Merah Putih – Seminyak

Merah Putih is a beautiful restaurant that serves Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist. The restaurant is divided into two levels, with the upper level being more formal and the lower level being more casual. The decor is stunning with high ceilings, wooden beams, and beautiful lighting.

Its extensive menu offers a wide range of dishes that are beautifully presented and some of the must-try options include the beef rendang, the sate lilit, and the nasi goreng. The service is friendly and attentive and the prices are reasonable for the quality of the food and the ambience.

4. Metis – Seminyak

Metis is a fine-dining restaurant that serves French Mediterranean cuisine and located in a beautiful garden setting with a stunning view of the rice fields of Seminyak. The decor is elegant with white tablecloths, beautiful lighting and tasteful artwork.

The menu is extensive and offers a wide range of dishes that are beautifully presented. Some of the must-try options include the foie gras, the lobster bisque and the lamb rack. The service is impeccable and the prices are on the higher side, but the quality of the food and the ambience make it worth it.

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5. Mason – Canggu

Mason is a popular restaurant located in Canggu that serves modern Australian cuisine with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. The menu changes regularly to reflect the seasons and availability of ingredients and the dining area has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating options.

Their dishes are beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. Some of our favorites include the slow-cooked lamb shoulder and the grilled octopus.

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6. The Slow – Canggu

The Slow is a boutique hotel with a restaurant that is a must-visit for foodies. It offers a laid-back atmosphere with a minimalist design that is both chic and cozy. The menu features a mix of Indonesian and Western dishes, all made with locally sourced ingredients.

Their cocktails are also a must-try, with creative and unique flavor combinations. Some of our favorite dishes include the beef rendang and the grilled pork belly.

7. Pirates Bay Bali – Nusa Dua

Pirates Bay Bali is a unique dining experience that’s perfect for families or groups of friends. This restaurant is designed to look like a pirate ship, complete with a treehouse and a slide for kids. The menu features a variety of Indonesian and international dishes including seafood, burgers and pizza.

They also have a great selection of cocktails and mocktails as well. Just be prepared for a bit of a wait during peak hour, as this restaurant is quite popular.

8. Bumbu Bali – Nusa Dua

Bumbu Bali is a must-visit for anyone looking to try authentic Balinese cuisine. This restaurant has been around for over 20 years and is known for its traditional dishes such as bebek betutu (slow-cooked duck) and nasi campur (mixed rice). They also offer cooking classes, where you can learn how to make some of their signature dishes.

The atmosphere at Bumbu Bali is cozy and welcoming, with plenty of Balinese decor and live music in the evenings. The prices are a bit higher than some other restaurants in the area, but the quality of the food and service make it well worth it.

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9. Cuca – Jumbaran

Cuca is a modern, casual restaurant that serves up some of the most creative and flavorful dishes in Bali. The menu is focused on small plates, which makes it perfect for sharing with friends and family. You can’t go wrong with any of the dishes here, but I highly recommend the grilled octopus with pork belly, the crispy pork belly with tamarind glaze or the grilled prawns with garlic and chili.

The atmosphere at Cuca is relaxed and friendly, with a focus on good food and good company. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the food they serve and they’re always happy to make recommendations or answer any questions you might have.

10. Balique – Jimbaran

Balique is a beautiful restaurant that combines traditional Balinese architecture with modern design elements and the menu here is a mix of Indonesian and international flavors, with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

Some of the most popular dishes at Balique include the beef rendang, the grilled prawns with sambal matah and the Balique salad with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese. The cocktails here are also fantastic, with a mix of classic and creative options to choose from.

The atmosphere at Balique is warm and welcoming, with plenty of outdoor seating and a cozy interior. The staff is friendly and attentive, making sure that you have a great dining experience from start to finish.

11. Hard Rock Cafe – Kuta

If you’re looking for a fun and lively atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with the Kuta’s Hard Rock Cafe. This iconic restaurant and bar is located on Kuta Beach and is known for its rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia, live music and delicious American-style cuisine.

Some of the must-try dishes at the Hard Rock Cafe include their legendary burgers, nachos and wings. They also have a great selection of cocktails, beers and other beverages to pair with your meal. And if you’re a music lover, be sure to check out their regular live performances featuring local and international artists.

12. Ma Joly – Kuta

For a more upscale dining experience, head over to Ma Joly. This fine-dining restaurant is located in the quiet resort area of Tuban at the southern end of Kuta Beach. With its stunning beachfront location, elegant decor and impeccable service, Ma Joly is the perfect spot for a special occasion or romantic dinner.

The menu at Ma Joly features a mix of French and Asian-inspired cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood and high-quality ingredients. Some of the standout dishes include the lobster bisque, seared scallops and pan-seared barramundi. And for dessert, be sure to try their famous chocolate fondant.

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13. Warung Little Bird – Sanur

If you’re looking for an authentic Indonesian dining experience, Warung Little Bird is the place to be. This cozy restaurant offers a menu full of traditional Indonesian dishes that are made with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. The restaurant’s friendly staff will make you feel right at home as you savor your meal.

Some of the must-try dishes at Warung Little Bird include the Nasi Campur, which is a mixed rice dish with various meats and vegetables, and the Sate Ayam, which is grilled chicken skewers served with peanut sauce. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options, such as the Gado-Gado, which is a salad with peanut sauce.

14. Soul in a Bowl – Sanur

Soul in a Bowl is a trendy restaurant in Sanur that offers a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine. The restaurant’s menu is diverse, with plenty of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant’s modern and stylish interior is perfect for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends.

One of the standout dishes at Soul in a Bowl is the Poke Bowl, which is a Hawaiian-inspired dish with raw fish, rice and vegetables. The restaurant also offers a range of healthy smoothie bowls such as the Acai Bowl and the Dragon Fruit Bowl. For those who prefer heartier dishes, the restaurant’s burgers and pizzas are also worth trying.

Why Bali For Dining?

Bali is a paradise for food lovers. With a diverse range of cuisine, Bali’s restaurants offer a culinary experience that is unique and unforgettable. From traditional Balinese dishes to international cuisine, Bali has something for everyone. Here are a few reasons why Bali is a must-visit destination for foodies:

  • Rich and Diverse Culture – Bali’s rich culture is reflected in its cuisine. Balinese cuisine is a mix of Indonesian, Indian and Chinese influences making it a unique and flavorful experience. The island’s cuisine is also influenced by the use of fresh herbs and spices which are grown locally. Bali’s food culture is also heavily influenced by the island’s religious beliefs, with offerings and ceremonies playing an important role in daily life.
  • Beautiful Scenery – Bali’s beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience. Many restaurants in Bali are located in stunning settings such as on the beach, on cliff tops or overlooking rice paddies. The island’s natural beauty adds to the overall dining experience making it a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.
  • Affordable Prices – Despite its reputation as a luxury destination, Bali’s restaurants offer affordable prices making it accessible to everyone. From street food to fine dining, Bali has options for all budgets so you can enjoy a delicious meal in a beautiful setting without breaking the bank.
  • Sustainability – Bali’s food culture is also focused on sustainability and many restaurants source their ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and reducing their carbon footprint. Bali’s food scene is also becoming increasingly plant-based, with many restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan options as well.


There you have it, some good options to find the top restaurants in Bali. I would love to know of your experiences here and please let me know if you have a favorite to add to the list.

Also, please do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions, concerns, or corrections or would like me to check anything else out for you.

Until next time.

Have fun


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